A Man’s Guide


The testes — also called testicles — are two oval-shaped organs in the male reproductive system. They’re contained in a sac of skin called the scrotum. The scrotum hangs outside the body in the front of the pelvic region near the upper thighs.

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Testicles are where sperm and testosterone are made in the body. It’s pretty much what makes a man a man as testosterone gives us hair on our chests as well as causing our balls to drop and penis to grow during puberty.

The scrotum contains the testicles and epididymides which are surrounded by a small amount of fluid. 

Click below to view a model of the male reproductive system and find out more about its different parts.

Testicular Disorders

Cancer Trauma Epididymitis Torsion Orchitis Hydrocele Varicocele Cysts

Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound Probe
Ultrasound Probe

An ultrasound scan is a painless test that provides images of the inside of the body by using high frequency sound waves. These sound waves are at a frequency which cannot be heard by the human ear but when they bounce off different parts of the body, create echoes that are picked up by the probe and turned into a moving image.

Unlike other scans such as MRI and CT, ultrasound does not involve radiation and is in real time i.e. live imaging and is not static i.e. still pictures. This live information is interpreted and is used as the basis of the subsequent diagnostic report.

There are many kinds of ultrasound scans that can be performed as ultrasound has numerous applications in healthcare and are ultimately beneficial to us if used in the right context by a competent body or person.  However as with any test, ultrasound scans have limitations some of which are generic to all scans such as not being able to visualise bone clearly or scan specific and therefore may not be suitable in certain situations and like any test can not diagnose every problem.

After the Ultrasound Scan

During the scan you will be asked to uncover your scrotal area. A small amount of jelly will be placed over your scrotum. An ultrasound camera will then be placed on top and moved along. This will result in a picture appearing on the ultrasound monitor and patient TV which will be translated by a medical ultrasound practitioner. The examination itself usually lasts around 10-15 minutes and is pain free. At the end of the examination a brief explanation of the results may be offered. A formal ultrasound scan report with any recommendations will be sent to you which you can take to your regular healthcare professional.

The information presented on this website is for information and support purposes and has been provided by The Scan Clinic.

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Their expert healthcare professionals have years of experience in medical ultrasound imaging and by using the latest high end diagnostic ultrasound equipment are capable of producing detailed imaging analysis of the human body in 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound.

Their clinics are designed to deliver great healthcare in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment. They also make use of large LED TV’s connected to all Ultrasound machines to allow clients to visualise what’s happening inside them in real time. It also allows staff to talk you through your scan as it happens. This informative approach is unique and has been well received by all clients, many of whom choose again and recommend us to friends and family.